Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Silk Milk

We love milk, but we all have our different taste preferences and likes and dislikes of dairy, so shopping for 'milk' products can be a challenge.  Currently we buy 3...yes three different types of milks and I thought I would share about two of our loves!!

Personally I prefer..

Silk got me with this version. I love the soft subtle vanilla undertone and the rich earthiness the almonds provide. I love the calcium content and I LOVE that it is NON-GMO!!!!  This is my go to in recipes, coffee and just to drink! It comes sweetened also, but I try to avoid added sugar and needless calories!

My husband loves...
He loves the flavor and consistency and also loves that it doesn't have any added sugar.  He uses his in his cereals and smoothies and I add it into recipes too!

BzzAgent sent me a coupon to try a Silk Blend Coconut Almond milk.  Could it be that there would be a product that would blend both worlds and eliminate one of our two Silk products?!?

We chose the unsweetened Silk Almond Coconut Blend.  I wish I could say we were head over heels, but my husband and I both make donkeys look passive.  I thought it tasted to coconutty and he thought it tasted to almondy.  So we didn't find a happy medium, but I can say I love the tropical spin it gave my morning coffee.  It still cooked and tasted well in recipes so it was well used but just as a beverage to drink, neither of us preferred it over our other Silk products.

I say if you are as stubborn as mules, you should try it, still tasty and still 35 calories per serving and still contains a good serving of calcium, so try it today!!!

***I was given a voucher via BzzAgent to obtain a free Silk Blend product to review and give my honest opinions.***

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