Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remember Tax Credits

So most of us have already filed and received our refunds for the year. If you are looking for ways to spend your tax refund ,if you received one, and are needing to do some updates and renovations here are some ways you spend your refund and be investing in tax savings for next tax season

Green Tax Breaks

We have been looking into solar panels and are still in the debate of when to do them. If we start them now, we would have to do them in sections as we can save up, but the tax credit for them currently extends till December 2016 so we have plenty of time to save up to do them all at once.

It is always great to see where you can incur savings while investing on your home!!!  Also check for individual manufacturer rebates as well!! Most stores advertise them but sometimes companies don't and you can miss out on really great rebates.

What are some ways you save when you do home renovations?

One reader private messaged me about writing about home renovation swaps.  I have to say from the research so far, the idea is quite awesome!!

More to come on that one, especially with Spring Cleaning in the air.

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