Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you eat healthy Fast Food?.......Giveaway!!

When I tell people I know or meet about the point of my blog, (taking recipes or restaurant meals and making them healthy & easy green living) I often hear "well too bad you can't make fast food healthy".

WELL YOU CAN!! You can even eat at fast food places and eat health.  It is about your choices in menu selection.  There is no magic way to excise fat and calories out of french fries but most chains are offering healthier options.  The problem is in consumer choice!! And I am going to see if you will try to make a good choice by offering up a $10 gift card.

SO my challenge...

1)  Help me gain more readership and at that time I will randomly draw for a $10 gift card to Burger King. When I reach 45 GFC followers I will use a random number generator and one lucky poster will recieve their 'challenging' giveaway!

  • Subscribe to me via GFC and leave me a comment telling me so. (one entry)
  • Invite other to subscribe to Healthy Lantern via GFC.  Tell them to leave me a comment on this post stating who referred them, they must leave a comment to have a chance to win too! Remember I have to double my GFC contacts before I will select a winner!
  • For each referred friend, leave me a comment stating their name. REMEMBER-each friend you refer and follows me via GFC is an additional entry for you but you have to leave a comment for EACH friend! (as many entries as you can refer readers)
  • Go to Burger King's Nutrition Page and make a meal for one with under 500 calories. (one additional entry)


    1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!!! I am following on GFC :)

    2. I follow on google connect as "anash"
      Thank you kindly!
      anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

    3. i made a meal under 500!wasnt the easiest but i finally did it!! Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway
      anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com