Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frugal Father's Day (a few tips & looking for ideas!)

I have been scouring Groupon, LivingSocial, etc... trying to find ideas for Father's Day.  This has been a tough year full of challenges for us and I wanted to remind my sweet husband how much he means to me and our little one. (I also wanted to do this without breaking the bank...after all I would buy him the world if I could-even if it woulf be with his money HA HA)

Here are some of the ideas I have thought of and I will pick a few and go with it on Sunday.

  1. A good bottle of wine; one I know he likes.
  2. A bottle of recommended wine since he is still trying to figure out wines.
  3. A father's day picnic with his favorite two people.
  4. Mini-golf at a nearby place.
  5. Coupon booklet (i.e. one meal of his choice, guys night, girls take the trash down, one get-out-of-mowing, etc...)
  6. A date night, harder to produce since we still haven't met anyone so no sitters but I thought about perhaps trying out CARE and finding a local sitter that way.
  7. One guys mountain biking trip
  8. Perhaps if I don't do any of the above...a ticket for a football game for his fave team!

I am wondering what ideas you have?  Maybe you can help me find the idea of the century


  1. My 3 kids paint a canvas for Daddy to hang in this office each year for Father's Day. We always use the same size canvas so it is easy for Dad to take last years down and put up this year's design. Sometimes the kids paint whatever they like and other times I direct the theme. This year is an aquarium theme with fish, turtles, starfish, and coral. Last year they painted a flower garden. From me, Dad gets a card and breakfast in bed with the help of the kids!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea!! We did that for Christmas 2 years ago and JUST last night L saw it and mentioned her painting didn't look like anything. HA HA...I reminded her that she was SOOOO little, I think she would absolutely love to paint something!!!