Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marathon Monday

To cross train or not to cross train, that is the question...

well not really.  If you are training for any running event it is good to incorporate other muscles into the preparation. Everyone's training regimen will differ based on skill, likes and dislikes, and availability of resources.

My training schedule is a bit lax I suppose but it works for me. 

Sunday: rest
Monday: short quick 1 mile run with stretching and exercises from PT
Tuesday: stationary bike ride (my bike set up on a trainer)
Wednesday: 4-5 mile run, each week adding 10% more distance than week prior
Thursday: stretching and exercises from PT, along with strength training
Friday: stretching
Saturday: 7-8 mile run, each week adding 10% more distance than week prior

Personally I would love to swim but have no pool or local facilities within financial reasoning to use.  I get bored with routine so I am looking for new things to try and do on my non-run days.  What are some fun exercises you do?

I have tried yoga but apparently I just don't have the patience or balance to do the positions.  These are those times I wish competitive eating counted as an exercise HA HA!

I have found that it really isn't all that hard to maintain your training while traveling if it is something you think about and plan for ahead of time. That being said...we will see how I do at the beach :o)

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