Monday, July 18, 2011

Marathon Monday...or lack thereof

Vacation was fun, short lived, as all vacations are.  Sorry about the lack of a Friday post. I was submerged in 5 loads of laundry and making the infamous vacation-return-grocery list.  A quick update on my running...

Well I did my long run on vacation but failed to do my midweek short run and am having a hard time getting back on track *sigh*

HELP, seriously, someone make me run before I just turn into a waste of space.  Accountability is waning.  I hope to report next week that I am back on target.

Another note, I bought a C9 tee shirt from Target and I am hoping it will feel better than my old as mold cotton tees I have been running in.

Have a great week and keep moving and stay motivated (unlike me HA HA)

*****ETA***** just writing this post this morning has inspired me, thanks readers, I am off to run at least 4 miles!

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