Monday, August 15, 2011

Lorelei's Birthday week...Scooby Doo

We had a week long birthday filled with family, love, and CAKE. It was a blast, but also very disheartening to be reminded how quickly our daughter is growing.  Here are some pics from the week!! We were somehow able to make a pink & purple Scooby Doo party, it wasn't easy considering no local party supply stores, or big box stores carried any Scooby stuff. Thank goodness for online shopping! We did paper plates so we could sift through and recycle along with recyclable plastic cups to eliminate on the waste and dish washing.

On her new swing
Her cake...I made it minus the fondant and the fondant decor that I bought from
Cake Recipe limit fat/calories

Take a box cake mix, add applesauce in equal measurement for the required oil and egg white substitute in equal amount for the eggs.  It worked great for our red velvet, chocolate, and our strawberry cupcakes.  I am still in search of a more healthy frosting.  Got one? Please share!!!! Thanks

Birthday girl and her cake with her fab four fingers to show her new age.

Modern take on a Velma costume

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