Monday, September 19, 2011

Marathon Monday (with a few ?s)

Ahhhhh....I am not a fan of cold weather, but I must admit I am enjoying these milder temps on my running days!!!  Last Wednesday (thanks to my husband's sweet mother and aunt  for providing childcare) I was able to do a long run of a little over 8 miles and today I ran 5.

My questions for those who have tread more miles than I...

  1. I am still having trouble getting my breathing in check. The first 2 miles I feel like I have never ran before in my life, after mile 2 I seem fine and have no more issues breathing. What is my issue?
  2. The front of my calves (around my shins laterally) are getting fatigued, is this shin splints, slight dehydration? I am not too sure since really there isn't a lot of muscle there.
  3. With winter approaching, I have very sensitive ears to cold. What do you wear to not overheat but stay warm and what 'ear gear' do you recommend?

Wow more questions than posting today, but thanks for any insight you guys can give!! Feel free to post here or my FB page like most do!!

Happy Running everyone!

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