Monday, September 26, 2011

To run alone or run with?

Today I ran a short 5K and had my husband run with me.  We run a similar pace where he really isn't much of a runner, so it was nice to not wait or be waited on.

But I think I am just a lone wolf.  Why do I prefer to run alone?  In nearly EVERY running training tip/guide/manual, they all suggest running with a partner.  I just prefer to run alone.

Although it was a special memory to run with my husband for the first time today!! Maybe I can get him to run in a race with me sometime!!!!!

What is your preferred training style? Alone or with someone, or a group?

On another note, I am still loving the Amphipod  hydration belt!! It is amazing and I use my Camelbak handheld for shorter/medium runs.

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