Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Praise the Lord!!

Another pain free running day. I logged 4.5 miles and no aches.  I am so timid about the pain that I noticed every muscle twinge, tweak, and flutter HA HA HA.

I plan on keeping mileage low, all runs under 5 miles,  for a week to week and a half and see how that goes.  I would LOVE to get in a good 8-10 miler before the race (Nov 12) but we shall see.  I am going to try and bike after the longer runs just to keep my ticker and lungs in shape and hope my legs will hold up!! I am taking the advice of an old friend and avid runner and trying my best to keep off paved surfaces. That has been challenging. Apparently not many people like to trail run in Richmond, despite the large number of runners and athletes in the area HA HA HA.  Finding trails is nearly impossible. I guess I will check into running the soccer fields at the athletic complex nearby. Less boring than a treadmill, but I hate the idea of doing 'laps'. Oh well, beggars I mean injureds, can be choosers right?!?

Any advice on regaining mileage post injury break?  Thanks in advance and I am still in love with running!! That little piece of me that began to die during my injury break is singing like a meadowlark! Oh how I missed running.     I just hope I like running enough to endure the cold winter, I cannot run on a treadmill for anything over 2-3 miles. I get angry and bored and I just don't like it AT ALL!!!!

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