Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giving Thanks

On my personal FB page I am going to be listing a new thing I am thankful for everyday.  I try to start out with trivial things I take for granted and work up to the things I am generally acknowledge daily my thanks for.

I will come back and update this post once a week with the thanks I have posted.  I know it has been a tough year for a lot of my friends and I can say we have also had our share of challenges, so I love to try and refocus this time of year when everyone starts to initiate their annual head colds and as I am bundling up in my uber layers to attempt to stay warm in my least favorite weather condition (COLD), to focus on the positives.


  1. Thankful for smiles and those who help you smile even when you just can't imagine anything worth smiling about!
  2. Thankful for seasons, literal seasons and those of life. Whether you like the weather outside of the weather of your life, a new 'season' is always on the horizon.
  3. Thankful for physical activity and the blessing of being able to walk, run, bike, climb. I may not always have the motivation to work out but so thankful that I can and that motivation is growing each day.
  4. Thankful for prayer, the blessings it brings, the joy it bestows, the questions it answers, the protection it provides. Thank you to all you prayer warriors who have 'battled' in prayer for me and over me and my family, whether I know about it or not. I wouldn't be alive today without prayer!
  5. Thankful for my dogs. Yes they bark, stink, eat a lot of food, but I love them!
  6. Thankful for the sunrise and sunset. I may complain about daylight savings time and the ridiculousness of it, but I am thankful that there is a daylight that breaks through the darkness everyday!
  7. Thankful for adoption.  I look forward to adopting 2 children into our family. There are days it seems daunting, un-doable, and out-of-reach. But someway, somehow, God always reminds me that the work He began, He will finish. I just have to walk in faith towards the finish line!
  8. Thankful for simple moments. The ones you usually overlook, but occasionally are reminded of just how precious the little things can be.
  9. Thankful for modern conveniences. Some make life soooo much easier and some if used too much take away from the quality of lives we should be striving for, but over all......so thankful I was born now and not 'way back when!!' I wonder what life will be like for my future family when they can call the time I live 'way back when'?!?!?!
  10. Thankful for food. I have never been without it and sometimes forget to be grateful for that.
  11. Thankful for the autumn leaves. They are very inspiring this morning and I am so glad they have 'hung' around so long this year!! I am looking forward to running past all their brilliant colors tomorrow during my first half and knowing how awesome God's masterpieces are!
  12. Thankful for military, those past, present, and future. I am proud to have military ties in my family. So proud of them both!!!! May God protect and keep you always and thank you for being willing to sacrifice so much for our freedoms.
  13. Thankful for church. In all honesty I usually dread getting all dressed up and going, but I have yet to regret going, even on days I had nursery!
  14. Thankful I survived my first half marathon and thankful for the support my family and friends gave me along the way!
  15. Thankful for hugs. I am not touchy feely AT.ALL. (seriously I could be a hermit)But I have to admit when I am having a bad day a nice squnch just melts the sadness away!
  16. Thankful for my car. Even though I have taken up distance running, I find great convenience in getting in the car to go somewhere!! I can't imagine walking or riding a horse long distances.
  17. Thankful for my home. On this cold, rainy fall day (and every other day) I am thankful for the roof I have been blessed with. Today I passed by a homeless man on the street bumming money and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have a safe haven to come 'home' to. It reminded me to buy extra food items to donate to our local food bank. I pray that man will have his needs met, find restoration, and a safe haven too!
  18. Thankful for my dogs. They stink, have bad manners, and even annoy me (& a local skunk apparently) but I love them and the excitement they have when I come home, even if it has only been 15 mins.  
  19. Thankful for friends. Those that stick to you forever and those who you know you best.  Whenever I reflect on memories, both good and bad, a dear friend has always been there to make those moments so special or lend a helping hand! Thank you all my friends! I love you dearly and hope you know how special you are!!!
  20. Thankful for holidays. The sights, smells, food, family, friends...what's not to love. They get me so excited and it can become sooo easy to overlook their true meaning at times in all the chaos. I hope I can leave a legacy from my children to remember the importance and true meaning of each holiday and not get too wrapped up in all the trimmings and festivities.
  21. Thankful for volunteers, people who work for free, but touch the lives of many. Found all over and seldom thanked. For anyone who has ever volunteered your time, talents, treasures- thank you!
  22. Thankful to be a mom. I always said I never wanted kids and I was told it was impossible anyways, told my body wasn't strong enough, but God said yes you can and changed my anti-kid heart & mind literally in one night with a precious dream of a little girl who even named herself! I am so thankful to hear her precious voice each morning, watch her grow (albeit WAAAY too quickly), and enjoy her presence in my life. I am also thankful God has grown my heart for adoption. Even though I probably could have more children, this is where he has placed my heart. For me motherhood is my purpose and my joy! Thank you Lorelei for being my 'dream come true'! Love you kid!

Feel free to leave a comment or comments about things you are thankful for!


  1. Thankful that one of my son-in-laws just got a new job today and another is waiting for someone to be hired to take his place so that he can get a promotion that he has been promised for quite a while!!

  2. Love this idea even though Canadian Thanksgiving is over!

    Thankful for a beautiful sunny day today! :)