Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soy Burgers?!?! Say What?

Yes. I must admit, I love Boca burgers, always have.  In general I try to avoid foods laden with soy, but this is one exception I make on occasion.

I love the taste, texture and the caloric value, pure win.  In Boca's defense, the soy is non-GMO, meaning not genetically modified in some lab, it is made from soy as God made it. Most of their burgers contain around 100 calories each so I generally have a double burger and I also am not ashamed of that HA HA.  If you haven't tried them out or you need to steer away from the 'steers' [aka-red meats] for cholesterol or other dietary restrictions, give this a go.  I cook mine in a skillet and sprinkle a bit of Worcestershire, pepper, and seasoning salt-LOVE IT.  Last night I made one with salsa and a bit of guacamole which ended up being fantastic.

I recently purchased some Boca crumbles and I am siked to work up some recipes with them.  Give them a go and let me know what you think.

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