Monday, November 12, 2012

and it was mile 15....

that started the downhill spiral, ok not technically, it had being going downhill for sometime prior, here's the whole story...

The marathon has came and went. Like most things in life, it did not go NEARLY as expected or hoped for, and for that matter, even planned for.

I had been sick for 3.5 weeks leading up to it, but too stubborn to quit. I left in PLENTY of time to get downtown and park and got stuck numerous times in traffic and one time on a one way road, under construction for THIRTY minutes. Tried to park in a parking garage only to find as I drove to the top that 5 other cars had discovered there were no more spots and trying to wriggle their cars around in the tight space to turn around, and yes I still had to pay apparently you have to pay for disappointment too.  I called my husband hysterical and in tears, babbling and just boo-hooing. He did his best to console me and tried to assure me I would find a spot and I would make it on time, he was right...this ONE time HA HA!

SO I showed up at the starting line with the only warm-up being my sprint to the starting line, no stretching and literally being on the tale end of runners.  I did fine until mile 15 when my lungs decided they were not 'in it' and decided to jump out of my body via coughing uncontrollably for an entire mile.  They finally gave up, realizing I was not going to stop even if I had to roll to the finish line.

Mile 18 is when I wondered if I should just give in, but realized I still would have to walk a LONG way back to my car, so I kept going thinking at least get closer to the getaway mobile!

Mile 24 is where I found all remaining port-o-potties void of TP, which I needed to blow my nose which had been running WAY faster than me since mile 2. I seriously think I stopped at more P-o-P's than were even on the course, seriously, one was for construction workers. I thought I had developed a nose bleed but found that the TP they use in those P-o-P's is closer to bark and it was the exterior of my nose bleeding from the use of bark-like TP.   It was also at this point I was on the verge of tears. I was so emotional. I was mad I was sick, angry I wasn't running even remotely close to my desired pace, upset because I felt like I was letting myself, and everyone who had prayed and wished me well, down. I pictured my sweet hubs and precious kiddo sitting at home wondering how I was doing. I could not wait to get back home and be with my biggest fans!! I also began reciting scripture because I knew that I was unable to finish under my own and I truly felt like I connected with some of the verses I have known since I was little. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and "those who wait upon the Lord, will find their strength renewed, they will mount on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint", in fact that last one was what I chose to have on my bib instead of my name.

BUT it was mile 25.7 that I saw the cutest little girl with a beaming smile and freckles that could melt your heart holding a Kindergarten handwritten sign.  (pausing, because the memory is bringing me to tears)  A handsome man was standing beside her and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it down the hill to the finish line for all the tears.  I wasn't expecting them to come, to fight the traffic and parking and I felt so blessed and  realized just how much I had to finish, not just for me, but for a husband who has let me obsess and train for that day, a little girl who has sat in our office and watched TV while I ran on a treadmill, this race was for all of us and although it did not go ANYTHING like how I wanted to, I would do it again!! I may not have hit my projected time, not even by a long shot, but who knows...I may just be looking for another right now!

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  1. Amazing job... love the verse you put on your bib. I have to admit, though... I grew both faint and weary a couple of times! But we finished! Despite everything we finished. hooray!