Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tully's Coffee Review

Here the birds whistling, the Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 "Morning" playing in the background magically, flowers taking a stretch as they yawn and bloom open, the sunrise a beautiful mixture of deep reds, peach, soft yellows...YAY, another early morning...

OK, so not really

If your mornings are like mine it is better represented as a calamity.  Usually I am awakened not by my obnoxious alarm clock but by my sweet child who has yet learned to sleep until the dreadful siren of an alarm clock blares.  She comes in perky and happy and wants breakfast.  I partially force open my eyes enough to see she has dressed herself and it is not appropriate for the gloomy, rainy, and cold day facing us.

What saves my mornings?

Tully's Coffee !!!!  They offer three roasts:

  • Spirited (light roast)
  • Balanced (medium roast)
  • Grand (dark roast)
Most roasts/blends are available bagged, in K-cups, and the new Vue cups. I typically find myself drawn to the Balanced/Medium Blends. I had been a "house" blend drinker, but trying the new Hawaiian blend just may have me switched!  Upon checking their website I saw a big variety of choices my local stores are not carrying, but no worries, you can order directly from  this website!  Join their CafĂ© Express and save on your first order and additionally with each order that follows.

Here is Tully's own description of Hawaiian Blend:

I do find it amusing that the Hawaiian coffee cannot be shipped to Hawaii HA HA HA! Sorry Hawaii, guess that's the price you pay for living in constant summery paradise!

I highly suggest you try out Tully's coffee and let it help alleviate some of that morning drag and bring on a new start to your day starting with the first sip!

Thank you Tully's Coffee for letting me experience, and fall in love with another blend of your fabulous coffee!

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