Friday, April 1, 2011

18 Second Challenge

Got a minute? No, well how about 18 seconds? One website claims that is all it takes to change a light bulb. Wait right here while I test that out... It took me 20 but the point is it only takes a few seconds to make a big impact AND get this SAVE money.

According to the Energystar website, you can save up to $39 over a four year span just by changing one bulb...ONE BULB.  $10 a year might not seem like a whole lot of savings but if you are like me you might have more than one bulb in your house...imagine the savings potential every time you turn a light on. Personally I love the savings and I also love that they are much, much cooler than traditional bulbs so I worry less about lamp fires or burn fingers of my beloved, danger finding toddler.

I know the upfront cost seems so much but in the long run you are doing yourself, your wallet, and the environment good.  I was able to find the bulbs with instant rebates offered through our local power company.  I ended up paying $3.00 for a 4 pack of 60 watt equivalent light bulbs at Home Depot (so as you can imagine I loaded my cart full). And using all 4 should save me close to $40 a year...I'd say that investment was worth it!

Our new home has quite a few recessed lights so I was glad to have found the floodlight bulbs on sale too.  Now I must depart this blogging session to go see if I can improve my 20 second light changing time...I should get a lot of practice in, changing all these bulbs out.

See you back on Friday for a fun post

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