Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easy ways to add exercise to your day

So I have mentioned before my loathing of traditional workouts.  I get 'into'
them for brief bits then just usually fizzle with the dreaded burn out.

I am always on the lookout for ways to exercise that are masked as fun family or
enviro-friendly things.  I have been doing some research and decided to
challenge myself to find new activities that will bring my body back from it's
sleepy hibernation to summer ready AND keep me motivated to keep exercising.

  • Adopt a mile, a park, a playground
    • whether it is officially done or unofficially done, this would burn calories and help beautify an are
  • Join a walk/run group
    • they are everywhere and there is no better way to stay involved than with good old fashioned accountability
  • Have a family or neighborhood relay event
    • get fresh air and do mini-competitions (frisbee, hula hoop, three-legged races, just think family fun camp-who can do the most push ups, etc...)
  • Scavenger hunt
    • set up your own or go geocaching
  • Family hike
  • Biking
    • they make bikes for every size and trailers for those who are just too wee to pedal
  • Gardening
    • who says getting out there and raking mulch, push mowing the lawn, shoveling flowers, lifting plants is for sissys...yes it is a workout & kids love to help dig in the dirt
  • Mall walking
    • great way to stay on top of the sales and is a great activity for those cold, rainy days. If you have little ones they always love a good scurry around the play structures. If you can't handle temptation, lock your wallet in your glove box
  • Boating
    • research your area for paddle boating, canoeing, kayaking
  • Check local shelters to see if they need assistance with a clean up day
    • many shelters love donated time and help repainting, cleaning, maintaining their premises
  • Start up a local exercise group or join a pre-existing one
    • I see Zumba posted everywhere, I may just have to try it out
  • I read where you can burn 100 calories per hour long show just by doing rotations of jumping jacks and crunches during the commercials
    • I may try this instead of going to the pantry for snacks
  • Wear ankle weights when grocery shopping or cleaning.
    • you can wear pants to conceal them and it helps burn extra calories
    • The extra weight is a reminder to shop healthy and make good food choices
      • I may do this when Christmas shopping, perhaps I would 'hurry' and not spend as much HA HA
  • Heard it a million times but...park far away
    • it isn't so pleasant sounding with an infant or toddler but I may start parking at the back near a buggy corral and walking, not sure just how much more exercise this promotes by walking farther, but it couldn't hurt
  • Update your house, who says painting can't be exercise?
Let me know your thoughts. Any of these sound like a possibility?  Any other ideas?
**Coming Friday-a new recipe!!

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