Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Moving Tips

In light of moving this week, I wanted to post some tips I have discovered in our 12 moves in under 10 years!!!

Moving is a pain, expensive, back breaking, but it can be green and more budget friendly and here are some ideas for your next move!

  • Reuse boxes- gather boxes from local stores
    • we have found that grocery stores, hospitals, and shopping retailers have the largest most sturdy boxes(call ahead, but generally they always have some & gladly part with them)
  • Use green cleaning supplies
    • it is a great time to get rid of toxic cleaners you have and start trying green cleaners
    • contact your local garbage service to find out how to properly dispose of all chemicals, paints, flammables that you will not be moving
  • Have three piles of things you no longer want or need
    • Donate
      • women's & children's shelter will take baby/child/blankets/towels etc...
      • Goodwill will take most anything
      • Habitat for Humanity will take any home improvement items
    • Sell
      • craigslist and local 'for sale' papers are a great way to make a buck and clear out things you don't want but can't afford to donate
    • Trash
      • not every trash can be someones treasure!!
  • Use a trailer instead of renting a truck
    • use of a trailer may consume more gas on your vehicle but it is more eco-friendly than the large box trucks
    • trailers are often more affordable than a rental truck as well and no mileage is clock so you can make multiple trips if moving across town and save on gas and rental fees
  • If you must rent a truck, get a vehicle tow behind trailer
    • avoid burning gas in two or three vehicles by towing your vehicle

Post Move
  • Recycle or re-gift your boxes
    • believe it or not posting moving boxes on freecycle or craigslist will often take boxes off your hands and you know that they are being reused
  • Set up curbside recycling at your new address or find out ways your county/city recycles and make a plan to start right away
    • establishing a new habit is a lot easier when it becomes part of the new home!
Any tips??   I'd love to hear them!!!

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  1. Great ideas, Christin! I am loving your blog.

  2. Thank you Christi!!! I love too!!! Especially the meal planning!! It helps a lot and I have made a new habit of doing it!