Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple, Quick Ingredient Dinner

Chicken Sausage Alfredo

This was simply, delicious, and a big hit with the family!! From prep to finish, roughly 15 minutes if that!!

* 3 Natural Chicken Sausage (Sun dried Tomato)
       -these are great, free of preservatives, nitrite/nitrates, no hormones or antibiotics
*half box of Barilla Pasta
*3/4 of a container of Skim/Low Fat Alfredo Sauce
*One large bell pepper


  • The sausage is already pre-cooked so I diced it by cutting in half then dicing into tiny bits

  • I cut the bell pepper into strips (in retrospect I would have cut into smaller pieces)

  • Saute the sausage until browned then add in pepper and cook until al dente
  • Cook the pasta according to directions
  • Mix the alfredo in with the cooked, drained pasta and add sausage and peppers

VOILE...finished. I served ours with a slice of Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese bread and the family said YUM! A side salad would have been perfect paired with this but with us moving in a few days I didn't want to bring in more ingredients to either go bad or have to take with us.

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