Friday, March 11, 2011

Good for the soul

Reading about the massive earthquake and tsunami's facing Japan and many other areas of the Pacific, I began to think of all the needs that surround us not only in light of disasters but those all around us in our local communities as well.

Sometimes it is easy to be good to ourselves in what we eat and do, but we forget the joy and blessings we receive when we give to others. Remember that health is always about what you consume but also what activities and things consume you!  This current move we are transitioning through has been brutal and exhausting in so many ways. Today, during my devotion, I reflected upon the hard times of this family and what has helped us get through the mental fatigue and drain of stress and hardship, surprisingly it was doing good unto others despite our situations mentally or financially.  I am so blessed that we have never had to endure the shock of going through a war or natural disaster.

This weekend's post is a challenge to recall when the last time you did an unexpected act of kindness to an individual or organization in need.

We move A LOT, don't believe me....we will be moving into our TWELFTH house in just over nine years of marriage.  It is safe to say we have no clutter, yes we own 'wants' and things that we don't need or have to have, but no clutter.  Each move we purge our clothes, toys, pantry foods, decor, and bedding to piles for selling, donations, and trash.  What we don't sell we generally give to charity organizations.  The feeling of providing much needed goods to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, local Women's and Children's Shelters, and local food banks truly brings a peace and reflection on the blessings many of us take for granted.

Another thing we plan to do when we move is bake a batch of cookies for our new local fire department and take Lorelei, our precocious three year old, to the fire station to learn about fire safety and meet our local volunteers.  I plan to have a post on this outing once we get moved and settled a bit. 

Another idea is to take school supply items to your area school or your child's teacher.  Many children do not have supplies and often times teachers end up paying out of their meager salaries to aid them in learning.

What are some other ideas of kindness, I am in need of some new ideas!!

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