Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workout: when, where, how?

OK....working out isn't fun for, let's just say MOST people.  I have read a ton of articles regarding perking up your routine or starting one.  They all have a common denominator, find what you love and do it. After finding myself wheezing going up the stairs at the ripe old age of 29, I am on a mission to start doing better about regular exercise. I was doing great. Running a few days a week and doing a cardio video 30 Day Shred on days of incliment weather.

I love competition, so I tried running. I set a goal to run in a 5K and the following year I stated I would run in two.  I have met both goals but failed to set another so here I sit, literally, on my duff.  It is cold, my treadmill is in storage and I am left with wondering what to do to get back into shape without having to go outdoors.  Currently I do 100 jumping jacks from time to time, incorporating them into a regular routine has failed me.  I have decided that before I can get online I must have completed two things: devotion and some form of exercise.

That is my new goal, one that as long as I own a computer and therefore the temptation to get online I have motivation to do something.  I know what you are asking, and yes, I did my devotion and jumping jacks this morning. Thanks for worrying about my cardiac health HA HA

For you cooped up winter folks, here is a link to the recommend Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, mine is sadly in storage. I found it at Target for ten dollars and it is a great, quick workout that must come with sore tushy warning.

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