Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Warrior

The weekend is the most popular time of the week to eat out. Is it possible to overcome the temptation to eat more than we should...

in my case-no HA HA

Healthy eating doesn't mean avoiding everything at all times. It is perfectly find to splurge occasionally.  I try to limit eating out to twice a week for various reasons, my primary reason being I love to indulge when I eat out as I admitted above.  Let's face it, who honestly loves to go out to eat and get a salad...and those people should realize that there are quite a few unhealthy salads out there!!

Since this blog normally focuses on health...let's change it up

What do you splurge on?

*evil giggle* mine is Outback cheese fries


  1. Found a great recipe for the Outback Cheese Fries:

    We eat at home, cooking our favorites ourselves.
    Life Below Zero

  2. Thanks Freebies Mom!! My husband thinks I can make a healthier baked version...I just may take him up on the challenge!! Thanks for the is a great base to start from!