Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Fun (& healthy snack) outing

Fro-yo, a hip new trend?  Not for me. I have loved the stuff since I can remember.  I don't feel guilty taking my family for yogurt when it is just tasty and good for you too...

There are many different chains across the globe.  I grew up on TCBY since it dominated the south where we needed something cool in those hot, humid summer months.  Here in central Virginia a new and up and coming shop has caught my eye, my heart, and my taste buds.


Yes the name is a bit odd and I haven't the slightest who came up with that, but despite the name the deliciousness it holds within it's door is simply sinful, well actually not so much...

here are some nutritional tidbits

*most yogurts range from 3% fat to non fat
*sweetFrog offers fat free, sugar free, no sugar added, and dairy free options
*only 90 calories per 1/2 cup
*in addition to calcium you get a boost of probiotics in each bite too

So here is how it works.  You walk in, sanitize your hands (yes germophobes they've got you covered), grab a bowl, go to the "fill it up" wall and pick your flavor(s), then off to the toppings bar where you can "jazz' it up".  It cost 39 cents per ounce so not only do you know how much you got there is a slight incentive not to over fill, not too worry they love that and I overfill EVERY TIME, it is just too good. 
(dad assisting with the yogurt fun)

The toppings range from healthy low calorie, fresh fruit to yummy chocolates, candies, and syrups.  They just added hot fudge, my kryptonite for sure.

(Lorelei is befuddled on what to choose)
SO if you are bored want to head out to a health-minded place with your family, check out your local fro-yo chain.

(my precious kiddo chowing down)

I don't have many, well really only one bad thing to say, they use styrofoam cups which as you well know is not eco friendly AT out of a 1-5 Lantern Rating for taste, health, and eco friendly, I'd have to give sweetFrog a 4.  I have written them and I hope that they will find a better, enviro friendly serving method so I can boost them to a 5+


  1. We have a place like that in our city and they use paper bowls - hopefully your place will switch! I LOVE our froyo place and go way too much.

  2. I am hoping they switch soon!! Glad to know I am not the only froyo-holic!!