Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paper, Plastic...did I forget my bags again?

We have all heard about the landfills piling up with plastic bags.  I had no idea just how bad they were for the environment until about six years ago.

This website shows some of the startling facts about plastic bags. I was thrilled to learn that 90% of consumers reuse or recycle their plastic bags.   WHAHOOO.  Great job, it makes it easier that most grocery and large chain stores offer the recycle bins at their entrances.

What if you want to stop using plastic all together?  It is possible, I have about 12 bags and most of which were free or only a dollar or two when I made purchases at certain stores.  It can be hard to establish the routine of taking bags but once you do it is a great feeling and a money saver too. Did you know that Target and most grocers give up to 10 cents per reusable bag brought in?   On average I save 50 cents per grocery trip just for using bags.  It doesn't sound like a whole lot but at the end of each year I save/earn around around $45-50 just for bringing in my own bags.

Here is what I did when starting up my routine & a few other suggestions

  • write out "got bags?" on a sticky notes and leave one on your door you normally exit from and another your steering wheel for a week or two, it will help you to remember not to leave them at home
  • buy a small tote that can clip onto your key chain or fit in your bag/purse
  • have a key ring or basket near your door where you can place empty bags ready to return to the 'workforce'
  • have "bags" written on your grocery list
  • I have so many bags because I would 'punish' myself by purchasing at least one new bag if I forgot mine at home.
  • take them everywhere- Target, Barnes & Noble, the mall- most stores are super reusable bag friendly and remember to check to see if they offer credits for each bag used.
AND if you forget, don't be too hard on yourself and remember you can always reuse or recycle the plastic bags.


  1. I've been using my reusable bags for years now, and also recycling the plastic I get when I forget the others at home. My grocery store just started selling foldable bags so I bought a few and threw them in the car. It makes it so much easier when there's always a few in the car already!

  2. The military base I live on only uses paper bags and now charge you per bag if you don't bring your own. You get money back if you do! I started using reusable bags a few years ago!

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  3. Thanks Rebel Chick for the tips!!! I will have to try the foldable bags!

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