Monday, April 25, 2011

Need New Make-Up?

I have been using Origins Cosmetics for almost a year now.  I started wearing make up about 3 years ago and started off using mineral line makeups but was really disappointed in their lack of coverage and it seemed they didn't wear well over the course of a day.  I stumbled upon Origins in a department store and was so thrilled to learn that none of their products contain parabens, phalates, synthetics, and other chemicals I try my best to avoid.  So far I could and would rave about everything I have tried so far. 

I love their skincare line the best...I think, it is a tough and close call.  Currently I use their Checks and Balances face wash, Modern Friction exfoliator, and Have a Nice Day moisturizer along with the occasional use of Clear Improvements charcoal mask and Never a Dull Moment & Brighter by By Nature exfoliators/brighteners.  I have also tried their Vitazing moisturizer and I can't wait to get a full size of this tinted moisturizer. I cannot get enough of their Salt Suds body wash...oh that glorious smell and the clean, non-drying skin I have afterwards...just heavenly.

Their makeup line has been great as far as what I have tried. I wear their Nude and Improved foundation when I am having a rough day, but usually just wear their sheer powder and blush.  I haven't tried any eye or lip products beyond lip balm, but I imagine they are great quality and plan to purchase them as my other supplies run out.

Origins started back in 2009 allowing customers to bring in any used, non-recyclable make-up/skin care jar, tube, exchange for a sample size of a product.  I think this is an awesome way to keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills and also allowing consumers to try Origins products.

I have not taken advantage of this yet, but as soon as I stumble upon a non-recyclable product container I am all about it.

Let me know what you try when you take in your old cosmetic packaging.  Remember it can be any brand, just packaging that is not recyclable in your area. I will be taking in a container of lotion that isn't recyclable in my area today...I can't lie, I am excited to try out something new that I have tried before at Origins!

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  1. Great tip! I use Bare Minerals and it just doesn't last very long. I will definitely check out Origins.