Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whole Foods Earth Party Idea & Friendly Friday

OK, I will admit I love to steal  borrow ideas all the time.  One I read about the other day is a kid friendly Earth Party in honor of April being Earth Month.

Value Guru at Whole Foods Website offers up some great tips.  Here are a few of the party idea tips shared:

Reduce waste by serving foods that don’t require plates or cutlery
(I am thinking about finger foods that can be eaten right off the platter)
Reuse decorations, or make some from household items
(We have a ton of misprinted papers that my kiddo & I can color eco-friendly pics on)
Recycle everything! And don’t forget to compost kitchen waste
(well of course!-minus the composting, we haven't ventured there yet)
Rethink party games and prizes
(I like the idea of having a few family fun games outdoors- perhaps seedlings for our garden could be prizes)
Redesign the arts and crafts table with earth friendly ideas
(I would love to make/decorate some bird houses and a humming bird feeder, I think our 3 year old would love to do this as well!)

I think these are some great starting points to a fabulous Earth Day Extravaganza!!! Thanks Value Guru for some great suggestions!

In thinking about Earth Month, what new things are you and your family wanting to experiment with in terms of becoming greener?  New cleaners? Water waste reduction? Less electrical usage?

Happy Earth Month everyone!



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