Monday, May 23, 2011

Homemade Fabric Softner & Wrinkle Release Spray

I recently made some silk like curtains for our bedroom but the fabric was a bit, well wrinkled is putting in mildly.  I was tempted to leave it as it was at tell everyone it was ruched fabric, but it wasn't quite wrinkly enough to pull that off!  I tried the lowest setting on the iron and it ruined my test patch of fabric (it did come with a do not iron label in the fabric's defense, but I often disregard labels like dry clean only, do not tumble sinner- I know!)

So I went to the store and about fell over when I saw that wrinkle release spray was over five dollars a bottle and not knowing if it would even work I decided against that option.

I got home and began to look up homemade remedies for non-ironables, if that is even a word.  I did run across several recipes for homemade wrinkle releasers some being more in depth than others.  Here is what I chose...

  • 1 tsp fabric softner
  • 1 cup water
Even me, the B- chemistry student could figure that one out.

I have to say I wasn't like over the moon with the results but bottom line there were favorable results.  I think I just picked the worlds WORST fabric option to make nine foot long by 4 foot wide window coverings for.

I would definitely make this concoction again and think it would work on more regular fabrics and besides it cost about 25 cents compared to over 5 bucks.  If you are wondering what fabric softner I used *quietly and while embarassingly hiding* Gain detergent. GASP...I know a 'green' person using very non-green product.  Well if you remember I did post earlier on that I have went green in all cleaning, makeup, cleasing, soap, etc products EXCEPT my laundry (and occassional perfume use), just can't leave that good scent, albeit chemical filled aroma.  I figure I have eliminated a vast majority of the in-house chemicals we come into contact with so that is a great start, right?

On another note I wanted to provide a homemade fabric softner that is non-toxic and I used when L was a baby along with Method Free detergent (I kept her baby skin away from chemicals)

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 3 cups white vinegar
  • 4 cups water
  • 5-7 drops essential oil
  1. I used an old BPA free gallon pitcher with lid that is no longer pretty enough for beverages.
  2. Mix baking soda and water together, this is a must, otherwise, well I let you figure it out if you don't follow this directions *snort*.
  3. Slowly, SLOWLY add in vinegar.
  4. Add in your essential oils.
  5. Give a gentle shake prior to using to remix anything that has settled.
Add in your softner bin or during the last cycle if you use a top loader without dispenser.  On a personal note I used lavender oil, it was great for a calming effect, but you can use any essential oil or mix thereof that you want.

OK I am still feeling guilty about my Gain usage...come on make me feel better, what areas of your life/routine have you had the hardest time going green?

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