Friday, May 27, 2011


Need a refreshing drink to take to a Memorial Day Cookout?  Well it isn't too traditional in the Memorial Day sense but this was pretty amazing!!! Here is a recipe and of course, like all Sangrias, everyone's will be uniquely different but this is my go-to-base recipe

*Red wine, or wine you would never drink. I used two bottles with varying amounts in them which added up would be about 1 bottle
*Rose wine also known as blush (not pictured)
*1 medium naval orange
*1 plum
*1 diced asian pear or 1/2 can of pears with juice
*1/2 can tart cherriespacked in juice, use all can's juice
*1/2 cup blackberries
*24 oz V-8 Splash (hey why not get a serving of veggies too)
*1/2-1 cup Ideal sugar

***optional 1/2 cup brandy, I didn't have any so I used whiskey & peach schnapps (not pictured) to equal 1/2 cup or more *evil laugh*

  • I use a mandolin slicer to have nice, thin, evenly cut oranges and plums.
  • Mix everything together, except fruit.
  • Add in fruit and refrigerate, should sit for at least a few hours and overnight is fine too.

Beautiful and delicious!!

If you want you can always add in a little sparkling water to give it a nice bubbly effect

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