Friday, May 6, 2011

Light summer salad & Friendly Friday

  • cherry sized heirloom tomatoes
  • reduced or fat free feta cheese
  • cucumbers, sliced in half, seeded, quartered and chopped
  • fat free vinaigrette
Just dump in a bowl and mix...pretty simple but the results are amazing I will call it magic.
    You make this-then put it in the fridge to set and marinate. While waiting for dinner to finish baking, you decide to shower and when you come back THIS is what you have left...
    ...3 tomatoes.  I don't even like tomatoes so I had nothing ( well I did scrap some marinated feta off the bottom as best I could to try and savor what my husband and three year old DEVOURED ). Perhaps I should make more next time, or not shower HA HA

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