Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WAY TOO HOT! Summer Traditions

It is water hole season!!!  Find your nearest river, pond, or lake and cool down!!!  I can think of anything more 'iconic-summer' than finding a swimming place all your own and soaking it in!

We are fortunate to have a lake nearby and we were loving the relief from the heat.

Spending a day at the lake with my two favorite people got me wondering, what do you do to cool down, what traditions or memories do you have that just seem to make your summer?

Here are some of our other summer traditions:

GRILLING OUT- since we sold our grill we have to do all our grilling indoors, not exactly clean, pleasant smelling, and it just seems to overheat the house. So.....looks like indoor grilling will be reserved for cooler, open window days!

SMORES- delicious yumminess and especially with homemade marshmallows! (no not healthy and I have NO way as of yet to make these healthy)

WATERMELON - so refreshing and just fantastic, I love mine quick, flash grilled with just a sprinkle of salt.  L likes her cut into bite sized cubes, she is fine with making messes, but for some reason makes an exception when it comes to this watery fruit

BEACH - I have always been to the beach at least once a year. It is like I just can't not is a must

FAMILY TRIP- we haven't always been able to go, but we try to go somewhere just the three of us and have a blast...I have loved our trips, so memorable and fun

FRO-YO - well this is typically eaten all year rain, sleet, hail, or snow and even in tornado weather (just once we didn't know).  I have a serious obsession with fro-yo

GUILTY OF WATER WASTING....I have to throw in a few water sprinkler days. They are just so stinking fun

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