Monday, June 6, 2011

Marathon Monday

Well I am training, marathon style, well half marathon style. My goal is to run my first 1/2 marathon by 30, which I will be turning in December. I wanted accountability so...

Last weekend I got up to 7 miles and realized I need some new shoes and a method of hydration. I am not a previously long distance runner so this stuff is so new to me.

I got a new pair of kicks (New Balance 890) and camelbak handheld in tow I ran 8 miles this weekend...YAY

What I learned with new kicks and a new hydration system
  1. New kicks work different muscles....I am so sore in the weirdest places in my calves & shins
  2. Handheld bottles even with straps and whatnot is too much for long runs. Next weekend I try the 'fanny' pak (not looking forward to having something strapped to me)
  3. It stinks not having a cut out in your foot bed for the Nike Ipod sensor in NB shoes

I have been noticing how hungry I am and I just crave carbs afterwards so I am going to work on a bread recipe...JalapeƱo Cheese Bread and will get back to you soon on the results. The first loaf I made tasted bad.  I discovered the flour was freezer burnt, wishing I would have noticed that prior too!

By the way...  GIVEAWAY ends this Friday as it has gone on too long!!

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  1. Make sure you try on the waist packs. I went through about 3 before I found one I liked. The backpacks just seems to make me to hot but I like them for winter runs