Friday, July 29, 2011

Beat the Heat & Friendly Friday

I ran, well kind of, Wii Fit beckoned me in the midst of 100 degree heat outside and 90 degree heat in the workout room above the garage.  I simply could not muster the mental strength it would require to run in that heat.

Instead I burned lesser calories while enjoying a colorful screen and *heavenly music* air conditioning and a ceiling fan.  I have to say I know the intensity isn't quite there when comparing running to Wii Fit but I still worked up quite a sweat!!!

I haven't used Wii Fit in ages, I burned out on it but I found it pleasant and fun to return to. I did a long run around the island, hula hooped for 10 minutes (harder than one would think), and even did about 45 minutes of cycling looking for hidden checkpoint flags I had a hard time finding.

Overall, I may not have got in my half marathon training, but I feel I got a good workout and I entitled myself to a larger piece of low fat cake (perhaps I shall share that recipe soon!!!!)

Have a great weekend and be sure to stay hydrated in the heat wave-HUGS


  1. It's been over 100 degrees here in Texas for 30+ days, so we barely step foot outside. I try to engage my kiddo in battles of Just Dance Kids to get some of our exercise in. Lol! Better than nothing. New GFC follower! (And my maiden name was Lilly!)

  2. Found you from friendly Friday! Thanks for the reminder for the Wii Fit! I think mine is collecting dust. Here in AZ we avoid going out in the summer! This is a great idea. Following you from GFC

  3. We are in Texas also and we have pretty much stayed inside most of the summer it's so hot :( Really want Wii Fit!

    I am a new follower!

  4. Thanks @Jade for the game recommendation-will have to check that out!! That is really neat that you are a Lilly too, I was a Joyce and it is pretty odd that I have had 2 girl's first names as my last LOL!!! Thanks Jade, Amy, and Emily for following, I will be sure to check out and follow you guys too!

  5. I am from Texas also. The heat is so oppressive!! If we could just get some rain, at least we could have a steam bath!!
    I looked over your blog and it is very interesting. I like the new recipes and can't wait to try some of them.

    I am now following. Please check out my sites and follow back at

  6. Thanks for following Southern Couponer! Following back :)