Monday, July 25, 2011

Marathon Monday Heat Wave

Goodness it has been hard to run.  Near and over 100 degree temps have made even the thought of running daunting.  I have had to do shorter runs on our treadmill which aren't a whole lot better since my sweet-frugal husband keeps the office/workout room set on 90 degrees.  I get his point, we are never up there besides fetching something we wirelessly printed or to work out and he likes to 'sweat-it-out' sauna style.

He doesn't run far so he doesn't get the agony it leaves me with HA HA.  I did manage a 4.5 miler Wedneday and a 5 miler yesterday on the treadmill but I need and want to do a long run.  I have had dreams of aqua running but having no pool, no access, and no aquatic running equipment leaves that dream flat.

What do you do to beat the heat but get a good cardio workout?

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