Monday, August 22, 2011

Mud Run Mania-I SURVIVED

Yesterday morning I participated in the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run.

It was fun, muddy, challenging, and rewarding.

I must say, they have it down to a fine art and the organization was spot on.

They had a bag check, shower station, changing tents, a Paul Mitchell hair care booth, and food. Not to mention normal race stuff like free swag,  finishing medals, prizes, etc...

I had a blast pretending to be tough and do military style obstacles and of course the infamous mud pits.  They had three of them and I had to run the last mile with squeaky shoes, not so great HA HA!  I loved how they had military people cheering us on and they even had a booth set up to promote Operation Gratitude and you could write a letter or notecard to our active military personnel. I thought that in and of itself was awesome.  I have elevated my respect for anyone who survives boot camp, let alone, selflessly serves our country and keeps us safe!!  I can't imagine how brutal basic training is!!!!

Overall an absolute blast and it reminded me just how much I need to keep training for the half marathon. If a 5K mud run seemed challenging, good night try adding more mileage!!  I will say the hardest part was pacing without my music I felt lost.

I ran in a decent time, placing 22nd out of 86 in my female age division at a time of a little over 33 minutes, overall I placed 267th out of 837.  Here are some pics of the event.  so overall I am proud of myself!! Hey-I survived HA HA!

I even almost won a pair of Merrells doing the most pull ups for a female...

Let me just say...I looked CLEAN compared to most people.  I heard if you put on lotion it helped the mud run off easier, guess it worked!

The final mud was dirty fun!

Pretty dirty mud it

The slippery walls, complete with Dawn for extra slippage
Almost won a pair of close!



  1. Christin, that is AWESOME! I am pretty sure I would've been in last place. :D