Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running Update (ONE MONTH TILL HALF?!?!?)

I ran 10 miles yesterday, new record for me.  I am still at a snail's pace, but it is just about crossing that glorious finish line!!

I am on the look for compression pants and socks to help speed up recovery, any suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated!!!

I am pretty siked and have begun wondering if it is possible, for me, to run a full marathon.  I would love to do a cancer fund raising related full. I suppose I should wait and see how the half goes huh?

It has been really hard trying to find trails to run on here, I am sure they exist. This is kind of a bummer in being new to an area.  I hope to find some soon to give my twinging shins some much need cushioned ground!

Thanks for your support and well wishes!  Oh and yesterday for my follow up Dr appt...I weighed *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Less than what I weighed for my high school, senior year physical WAHOOO Running is paying off and apparently I truly am running my rear off. LOL


  1. I finally figured out how to follow a blog!!
    I didn't know you were running a half! That's so exciting!! Are you following a training program or just doing it yourself? I'm hoping to run one in the spring and am excited to watch your progress!!

  2. Thanks Kalista!! I am mainly just self-training but I have used a lot of online resources as guides and have bugged anyone from the mamas that has ever even mentioned running LOL!!! Thank you so much and you should do it!! It has been challenging but so rewarding just seeing a goal come to life!