Monday, November 7, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How is your garden growing?

I started a contained garden this year and I believe I over-crowded it.  My daughter, in her sweet precocious three year old way, picked my only red bell pepperling so I doubt I will see anymore this year, but I am managing to grow several tomatoes so far and I have seen a yellow squash and some cucumbers coming in.

I am always looking to more seasoned gardeners for tips.  What did you planted this year?  Any tips on container planting I should perhaps try next year?

Below are the planting pics for the future 'fruits of my labor'
My peppers, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers

I finally have a rosemary bush.  Oh the smell is magnificent!  It has nearly quadrupled in size since planting.

***I yielded about 10 tomatoes, 2 yellow squash, 5 zucchini squash, 3 cucumbers, and 5 bell peppers.  I was shocked this much grew considering how GREATLY overpopulated my containers were.  I hope your gardening faired well!!! I am excited for next year and plan to have our soil tested this winter so I can have a true in-ground garden next year!!!  I also plan on cutting a few fresh sprigs of rosemary to give alongside Christmas gifts (more on that to come closer to Christmas!)


  1. You had a way better turn out than we did! We got some beans. Everything else flopped! :( I think we over crowded too! Next year hopefully will be better!!

  2. Maybe we can collaborate next year and have two great gardens!! I plan on reading up on a few things this winter!!