Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Torani Syrup Review *you want to check this out!*

GIVEAWAY here to check it out

I was given an awesome opportunity to sample and try some delicious syrups from Torani through the She Speaks program.  I am pretty excited.

SHHHHH....don't tell anyone but I have been using Torani for quite a while, but getting 2 free products and some extra bonuses simply for giving an honest opinion/review was just something I couldn't pass up!!!!

I usually use the sugar free syrups since they are made with safe sugar alcohols.  I am not saying I would pour these on anything and everything or turn up and drink a whole bottle, but I do find the ingredients to be much safer/healthier than most flavoring additives and knowing they are aspartame free is nice and comforting while sipping on my fantastically frothy latte on a cold morning.

I received for review purposes a sugar free pumpkin pie syrup (can you say OMGOSH) and classic hazelnut.

Let me just say I saw the pumpkin pie in World Market and already have tried it....but I ran out-QUICKLY. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! My other fave I have had recently was their sugar free Almond Roca. My lucky Mother-in-Law happened to be visiting while I had some on hand and she quickly fell in love too (she is getting some for Christmas-shhhh don't spoil the secret!!)

Here are my honest reviews for the syrups sent...

Pumpkin Pie (sugar free)

  • fabulous
  • should be offered year round (maybe it already is)
  • really, really, really tasty
  • I have paid for this stuff so I can say without your thinking 'she was given this of course she'll say nice things' that it is good

  • Has 80 calories per 1 oz (sugar free has 0 calories)
    • Wish it was sugar free...they DO have a sugar free version, just wishing the one I was sent was!
  • I know the sugar free taste yummy from past experiences, but I just couldn't open this bottle of temptation since I had guilt with the calories so I am gifting this bottle-NOT because of taste but my preference to cut calories on my luxury treats/snacks and not my main meals.  The recipient is one lucky person!
Nice warm pumpkin pie latte!!
A delicious iced sugar free pumpkin pie latte (45 calories!!!!)

Favorite recipes I use with various flavors ranging from savory to sweet to fruity
  • Latte
    • 1 shot espresso, 6 oz Silk unsweetened almond milk (heated), and 4-5 pumps of syrup...delish
  • Iced Latte
    • 1 shot espresso (chilled), 3-4 ice cubes, 5-6 oz Silk unsweetened almond milk, and 6 pumps of syrup, sometimes I delight in adding Reddi Whip fat free on top
  • Milkshake
    • 8 oz Turkey Hill 90 calorie Vanilla Bean frozen yogurt, 2 oz FF milk (or Silk almond), 5 pumps of syrup-blend well
  • Italian Sodas
    • 6-8 oz chilled sparkling water and 3-4 pumps syrup
    • My daughter loves these once some of the carbonation fades
  • Flavored Tea
    • hot tea or cold tea with a few pumps of syrup
  • As a syrup/topping for...
    • ice cream
    • fruit cobblers

I was also given a few coupons for FREE bottles...want one?!?!?!  Perhaps a contest next week!!! Also use the embedded link below to save 10% off and see more recipes!


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