Sunday, November 13, 2011

Half Marathon Results

I did it. I went, I ran. I crossed.

I was a bit nervous about how it would all go considering I have been 'injured' for a month and had a lovely cold/sinus infection for two weeks which between the two limited my training to zilch or a measly few miles here and there.

It was cold.  Very VERY cold. At the start it was about 34 degrees and windy, and I stood alongside many shivering participants, occasionally taking to jumping around like Mexican jumping beans, and often huddling to keep the wind at bay and attempt to 'warm' up.

I had hoped to finish around 2 hours 30-45 mins.  My time just under 2:17!!! I can't believe it!! I am just so thankful that my shin didn't ache.  I have to admit I was literally praying nearly the entire race for it not too.  I am pretty sure that is the only explanation, since it was a bit achy just the day before.  So thank you God for hearing and answering my prayers!

I was so elated after the race and felt like I could keep running, perhaps not another 13.1, but I felt great.  When I got home and tried to get out of the car. It happened, noodle-leg syndrome.  They felt really fatigued and a bit sore everywhere.  I was able to walk around and function the rest of the day but I was unsure of how mobile I would be Sunday.  Actually I felt pretty decent, just a bit sore as if I had a good hard workout but nothing unmanageable and no meds needed.

So there you have it.  Months and months of preparation, perspiration, and a bit of stubbornness, culminated in my achieving my New Year's Resolution to run a half marathon before I turn 30.  I am not sure what feats I will aspire to achieve next year, but I for sure see another half in my future.  It was awesome, fun and I just loved everything from the chilly start, camaraderie of racers, the cheering fans and family along the course, and the overall energy you could almost bottle up it was so thick.

So...can you run a half?!?!? I don't see why not. It only takes putting one foot in front of the other.  I assure you weight, age, body shape, and fitness levels should not be a reason not to try.  There were runners of all sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities. So many inspirational stories and slogans, truly reminded me of why I run...

because I can!

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  1. Very happy for you. You are truly an inspiration.