Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giving things a second chance

I coveted, loved, adored, admired a buffet at Pottery Barn, but let's face it...their prices are ASTRONOMICAL.

So while perusing my local HomeGoods, I found something I kind of liked, it just wasn't quite right, but I saw great potential in it.

I bought the buffet for under $400 with tax and the one from Pottery Barn would have been $1500, plus shipping, plus tax OUCH!!  SO I saved a cool $1,000. My dearest husband should be proud!! And with only 3 cans of paint, a few sheets of scrapbook paper VOILA...my DREAM buffet.  I love this one WAY more than the one I first desired...

The Pottery Barn Buffet I wanted


Homegoods buffet before


Finished and in place in my kitchen

A view of the paper I used in the back of the cabinets

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