Monday, April 30, 2012

Need Help Recycling?

A friend of mine, Frugal Novice, did a review that was of particular interest to me and  is sponsoring a giveaway.  Since we do not have curbside recycling here, we have to sort our own and take it to our landfill where there are recycling sorting bins.  It is quite difficult making the trek, but wanting to set a good example of good stewardship of this beautiful earth we are blessed to inhabit, we do it.  We take our recyclables in garbage bags and then have to dump the contents out into the bins, then waste the bags as we have to trash them.  I have researched other methods, but nothing seems appropriate since I didn't want open bins in the back of my vehicle just waiting to spill out all over the place!

In reading Christi's (author of Frugal Novice) review, she asked us to take a look at Rubbermaid's other recycling containers and it was love at first sight!! HA HA HA

The outdoor bins would be perfect for us and our recycling needs and with the lids make them much more transport friendly, we could easily just toss out the contents into the county recycling sorters and take the container right back home, no mess, no waste.

I love the product she is reviewing and giving away too! It is perfect for indoor kitchen use and you could easily cart the separate containers and empty them into the outside bins!!

I may have just found a more efficient, and greener way to recycle! Thanks Christi!!

Check out her blog, review, and giveaway here

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  1. I'm glad to have introduced you to their products! :) It makes it so much easier when you're able to be organized, doesn't it?