Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dryel Review

SheSpeaks and Dryel gave me the opportunity to review and test the Dryel at home wash kit that cleans delicate and dry clean only garments.

Dryel is pretty simple to use. The starter kit comes with all you need.  You take the items needing laundered, spray them with the dryel spray, open a dryel clean cloth and place the cloth and sprayed laundry into the provided garment wash bag. Toss into the dryer for 30 minutes and voila clean clothes.

We avoid dry clean only clothing since we are not that great about taking things in and picking up.  My husband was unwilling to let me try this out on his suits, but I have to say I don't blame him!! So, I tried the product on my daughter's blankets. The one's she holds so dear to her heart that they are in need of delicate care.  Normally I toss them in a delicate washing bag and wash them with similar items and dry them in the bag as well.  I feel the dryel cleaned them, although they were not too soiled so it was hard to say how clean it will get truly dirty/stained items.  I will say I found the blankets to be very soft and fluffy which is pretty amazing for cheap fleece blankets that have been WELL loved on for 4+ years. I just can't say I was in love with this product mainly because I didn't like the scent of the dryel.  It was a clean smell, just not a fragrance I like or really would want to wear and my daughter wasn't too partial to it either.  I ended up tossing the blankets into my delicate laundry bag with a wet washcloth and several dryer sheets to remove the smell. I would thing letting things air outside would have worked to remove the scent, but it was bedtime and I needed to get "yellow blankie" ready for bed and I try to only use febreeze or other chemical smells in times of rush and didn't really want my daughter snuggling up to freshly sprayed febreeze.

The kit I received to test and the items I was washing

The sample size spray that comes in the starter kit

Just toss sprayed items into the bag along with the dryel wash cloth (pictured unopened on top of bag) and dry

Blankets post dryel... They seemed clean and fresh, just not a fan of dryel's scent

Thank you SheSpeaks and Dryel for the opportunity to review this product.  All reviews are my honest opinion and not affected by any commissions or items received.

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