Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marathon Training Update

12 miles. That is what I will run on Friday or Saturday.  So far only boredom has really been crashing my long runs. I truly need to find some new places to run.  I have found that a change of scenery does oneself a lot of good!

Last time I posted about un-diagnosible pain in my right shin and aching calves on both. I started using my old insoles again. I had kicked to the curb due to a persistent blister on the ball of my foot near my big toe, and much to my knees, shins, and calves delight I am running pain free again...but alas the blister is back.

I always wondered why runners tended to lose toenails. I still don't quite fully understand but having lost two now I guess I can join the club!

Onward and upwards as far as training goes and I am hoping to continue increase my long run each week by 1/2 mile. I should be ready, barring any illness or injury for that November date!

I have enjoyed my winter/spring runs not having to carry hydration, but with summer and my pervasive sweating I am having to reacquaint myself with the handheld and waist packs *sigh*.

Hoping all other runners in training or those just starting out are continuing despite the heat!  I remember running in what seemed like oven temps last summer and I hope my body can get out of cold mode and kick into hot weather mode soon!

Best of luck and always put your fast foot forward!

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