Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dog Lover's Box

Cravebox sent this yummy box filled with delicious doggie delights...

Let's just say my dogs were THRILLED. Since my daughter was born they eventually went from King and Queen Canine of the house to King and Queen of the yard and garage.  They are still equally as loved and I think they love not having to have bi-weekly baths to be able to stay inside (and I would be lying if I didn't say how much I LOVE not having dog hair everywhere!!)

SO this box was just for them, a pampering for the pooches who got the boot 4 years ago to the outside kingdom!

This is a before pic of our " 'muttely' crew"

Meet... Tayler highly disappointed I come armed with camera and no treats.
Meet...Suki, our bearded lady, hiding under the bed
(mad because she is disgusted with her current food and treats)

Here is the post pampering pic...........

OK seriously here is the real after, not much visual change, but I assure you their little puppy hearts felt super warmed and loved by these!

No more pouting under the bed!!
Awww...a happy boy!

Thanks Cravebox and suppliers of the DOG LOVERS box!! Our pound rescue pups had a moment of paradise and we enjoyed letting them try some new things out and I think we may just have to implement a few of these products into their doggie day routines!!

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