Wednesday, December 5, 2012

House Party/ 3M Streaming Projector w/ Roku Review

I was given the opportunity to review a 3M Streaming Projector powered by Roku for a House Party.  I was sent a variety of party supplies including the projector.

  • popcorn
  • paper bowls
  • plastic cups
  • hershey's kisses
  • candy necklaces
  • 3M Streaming Projector, Roku, and adapter

Our house party was a blast, we missed some of the invited guests due to company Christmas get-togethers and illness, but we still enjoyed watching video the night of the party.

We had not registered the Roku yet so we just hooked up the projector to our computer and streamed Netflix onto a blank wall. THE KIDS WERE OVER THE MOON, they thought it was so cool to have the wall as the TV.

Much talk amongst the adult party attenders was about the variety of uses the Projector has:
  • Work presentations
  • slideshows at events, sales booths, weddings, birthdays
  • big screen movies
  • and my family is going to have a indoor campout using the tent walls to watch a Christmas film (our 5 yo daughter's idea) Brilliant actually!!
  • everyone loved the portability, it can run off battery power or via power cord
  • it also has a insert to be mounted on a tripod if desired.

It is easy, super simple to set up and register, you only need to know your wi-fi security passcode (if you have one) and have access to a computer for registering the product.

This would make a GREAT gift for that hard to buy person or tech junkie!  Below is a link to my Vlog (warning I am a HORRIBLE vlogger HA HA and can't stand my own voice so it is have been warned!)

I was sent the party kit and projector to review with my honest opinions through House Party and 3M Streaming Projector and to share the device and party goods with my party attenders. No further compensations have been granted and I assure you that my opinions, as always, are my own and not influenced by others.

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