Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great Last Minute Gift

Did you forget someone this holiday?  No worries, with Ferrero Rocher you can't go wrong!!

Through the Influenster program, alongside Ferrero Rocher, I was given the opportunity to try or give away an 18 piece golden box of heavenly treasures!!

I decided to share this rather than hoard it and gave it to our neighbor as a thank you for inviting us to a fabulous party!

I know Ferrero Rocher are divine, they are wonderful, individually wrapped, delicate chocolate and hazelnut concoctions that seem to be a hit with nearly everyone!

Wonder what is in a Ferrero Rocher?

If you did happen to forget that secretary, bell man, teacher, neighbor, etc...you can easily find Ferrero Rocher products at a variety of chain and big box stores for that last minute grab.

I will leave the excuses as to why the gift is late in coming up to you, but I suggest running it by someone first to check that it is plausible sounding HA HA HA!!

Hope you all are off to a fabulous New Year and don't forget the "golden gift" of the year (at least by my standards!). You can pick up some for others and while you are at it treat yourself to the indulgent gold gift of 2012 and quite possibly 2013 too!

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