Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Teen Cravebox Review

What's in it...

Ok, so I am no teen but I loved this box!!! I am a huge fan of Vitamin E oil after having a reaction to poison sumac this summer, I have no scarring which, is surprising considering what my arm looked like!!!

I am anxious to try out all the products and hopefully get back to review each of them as individual components!

If you are interested in having Cravebox delivered to your door, click the link below and if you don't mind I would love the referral! To sign up, click the link below and follow the directions- enter christinlilly as the referral. Let me know that you have applied and I will also do my best to get you on THE list!!


I encourage you to follow Cravebox on Facebook and Twitter as they often have great giveaways!

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