Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House Party and sodastream UNITE! +giveaway

House Party teamed up with sodastream  to create a fun way to through a Superbowl Party...

sodastream Fizz & Football House Party
I have to say I was thrilled to have this opportunity and my husband, well he never needs much of an excuse to eat massive amounts of wings, yell loudly at the TV, and have friends over!  We had pretty much gone away from soda for various reasons, not healthy, loaded with sugar and chemicals, and the recycling bins filled TOO quickly.
In reviewing the sodastream I found it super easy to find at various retailers and their products are more natural including some that are from all natural ingredients as well as flavor essences to add to sparkling water.  As a family trying to be eco-conscience we love how the soda stream eliminates so much of the typical waste associated with carbonated beverages.  

  1. You simply use your own tap water into the reusable and recyclable sodastream bottle 
  2. press down and the system carbonates the water
  3. add flavor of your choice
  4. when the carbonation cartridge is empty take it to an authorized location for a 'swap out' (very similar to propane tank swap out)


It honestly is so easy, prior to our house party we tried it out, it is so simple my 5 year old had a blast helping out!

I encourage you to check out sodastream's website to discover all the variety of flavors!

We tried them all below are the fan favorites from the sample packs:

Diet Pink Grapefruit, Diet Cola, Dr Pete, and Orange (the kiddos!)

Personally my favorite combination is medium fizz with their Diet Cola *WARNING* It tasted sooooo good that I kept checking the bottle to make sure it was diet (NO I am NOT kidding!).  Another note is the soda tastes a million times better if the water is fridge chilled prior to making. Also the bottles hold the carbonation well and I think that the flavors may even taste better the next day!

Below is a giveaway for 3 lucky persons. The giveaway is for one $20 rebate form for the sodastream of your choice.  The retail prices range from $79.95- $199.95 and many retailers offer special savings incentives, if you time your rebate just right, you might get a steal-of-a-deal on a sodastream for your house!

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