Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to School Snacks: Cravebox

Cravebox is a great way to try new products along a certain theme.  It is a package filled with samples, savings, and full size items to try, delivered right to your door.

The boxes cost about $10-$15 per box and are filled with goodies!!!

I purchased the Back to School Cravebox to see and try some new healthy snack alternatives.

This box was loaded!!! I can decide out of all the items which was my "mom" favorite, it is a tie between the Barilla pasta kit and the Earthbound farm coupons that were AWESOME coupons and I love their products!!!

My daughter loved the Sunrype fruit snacks and the Honest Kids juice pouch.

All I can say is I was amazed that Barilla had ZERO preservatives (I honestly expected to see a bazillion ingredients when I read the label, boy was I pleasantly surprised!!!!) and that Honest Kids juice was so low in sugar, although I still will limit juice and fruit strips to a minimum due to dentist recommendation, I have to say the products were on the healthy side and nutritious!

Check out  Cravebox and let me know what you think!!!  If you sign on, be sure to mention me in the referral line!! Many Thanks!!!

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