Monday, February 11, 2013

Zatarain's Big Game: Cravebox

I have written about Cravebox before, a delievered box with themed content.  One of my most recent was the Zatarain's Big Game Cravebox that arrived just in time for the Superbowl.

What a perfect box for a New Orleans themed Superbowl!!!

Out of all the content the household favorites were the beads...yes cheesy I know but who doesn't love mardi gras beads?  

The mustard, to be frank, has not been tried, but I plan on making a mustard glazed salmon with it and I will hopefully have that recipe up afterwards!

The Zatarain's Creole Seasoning is PERFECT for making a GREAT gumbo, jambalaya, or a seafood boil pot, and can we say all you can eat creole shrimp (YUM!)

We have all, or I hope we have all, heard of jambalaya and red beans and rice. I think I can say besides making your own from scratch, Zatarain's has these fool proof methods for good southern cuisine!

True Lemon makes some great products, all natural, low calorie, and well simple and simply good!

If you are interested in starting delivery of themed craveboxes check them out and sign up.  You can pick and choose which themes interest you and they are around $10-$15 per box.  If you decide to sign up, please list me (Christin Lilly) as your reference!! Thanks!

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