Wednesday, February 20, 2013

L'Oréal BB Cream Review

SheSpeaks and L'Oréal teamed up and sent me a tube of Magic Skin Beautifier BB Creme in Light.  


The tube is easy to open, easy to store, and seems pretty sturdy (no explosions in your purse!)


I found it pretty easy, straightforward directions, and very simple application.  I simply applied a few drops to my forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks, and massaged in to ensure coverage of my entire face.


It comes out opaque with a purplish tint to it, which I have to be honest made me a bit nervous. *please note I do not usually wear anything besides occasionally applying blush, mild eyeshadow, and eyeliner* It quickly transforms and blends with your face. The whitish purple creme turns almost orange as you apply but within seconds is 'magically', I guess that is why magic is in the name, matches your complexion.


I tried to get a few before and after shots but honestly they were not able to capture the results in a way I was hoping.  I will say my 5 year old daughter watched me put it on and she said I no longer looked tired!! So I may not have instantly been transformed to Red Carpet glamor, but I will take looking less tired any day!!!  I noticed my complexion seemed even and radiant, but not overdone.  I am usually a HARSH critic of foundations because I loathe the feeling of weight on my face and I don't like worrying if the shade matches my skin, because let's face it your coloring changes each season and for me it changes all the time depending on how sunny it was the morning I took off running!  This creme answers that with it's ability to blend to your complexion no matter what season.  It also felt so lightweight. I would liken it to a light facial moisturizer. I was really afraid of feeling 'caked' but it was feather light, so if it didn't bother my usually lotioned only skin, I can assure you it is light and very natural in appearance covering and masking a few minor blemishes I had! 


I was bummed to see parabens in this product. I think I would rave over the moon about this product if I knew it were paraben and phthalate free.


Easily found at local big box retailers, drug stores, beauty chains, & grocers with beauty lines. It is inexpensive, if you are used to purchasing makeup, for people like me it would be an added cost.  I do think the tube would last a while considering it takes such little product to reach full effect.  It is easy to apply, looks natural, and also feels natural.


Will I continue using this? Probably not on a daily basis since I am not a make-up girl, but for church or dinner out yes!!!

I want to thank SheSpeaks and L'Oréal for sending me this product to try and review.  Although the product was at no cost, my only obligation for receiving it was to write my opinion, good or bad, candidly and honestly to my readers.

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