Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"The Fast Metabolism Diet" Review

   I received a copy of   The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy by SheSpeaks to read and try out.

Here's my thoughts...

The book cover claims "lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days" as well as "eat more food and lose more weight".  The concept of this dietary routine revolves around the principals of three phases that are designed to enhance your body's metabolism by creating a 'guessing game' that will keep your metabolism on 'fire'.

  • Phase 1 (Monday-Tuesday)
    • Lots of carbs and fruits
  • Phase 2 (Wednesday-Thursday)
    • Lots of proteins and veggies
  • Phase 3 (Friday-Sunday)
    • All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils

There were points that I found very on key including what is 'food'.  The author describes what food has been throughout the ages...NATURAL and how we have incorporated science into our current 'food'.  As a science minded individual, I LOVE science, but not when it is being injected, sprayed, and used to concoct super plants.  

She also goes onto to mention that people who exercise regularly and limit caloric intake still have issues losing weight, her opinion is that their bodies are learning to store all foods as fat because their metabolisms have been starved and therefore slowed to a minimal output.  She also claims that "calories are a lie" she bases her weight-loss equations on the principal that each individual is going to burn or use calories(energy) differently.  She suggested not falling prey to the 'calories are bad' agenda by marketing campaigns and avoiding eating "empty calories" instead eating nutrient dense calories/foods.

Later she discusses how the body has "5 major players" that make our individual bodies target foods differently and how they work as the major components of our metabolism.

I will say she does have a few rules that although I agree with were hard to implement for me. There are ten "do's" and ten "dont's".  they all make since logically and from my research and studies in diet and health...but in today's grocery stores of convenience packaging and marketing can be tough!!  This book does a great job of making suggestions for diet, scheduling, recipes. and suggesting exercise etc...

Overall I feel my diet is similar to the book's suggestion minus the 3 phases of dietary focus, which is why I feel I didn't notice a marked improvement in my metabolism, mood, energy, etc...
BUT...BUT I do feel if you are not on a healthy or mainly natural (clean) diet, meaning healthy fats, good proteins, and loads of fresh veggies and fruits, this book just may change your body and for the good!!!

In conclusion of my review, I would recommend this book to those who have struggled on 'diet' plans or who have fallen prey to the 'diet-trap' where you do your Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, try to move onto management and gain everything you lost right back and have to return to the diet over and over again like a vicious cycle...TRY this!!!!  It isn't really a diet, it is a 28 day plan to spark your body, help you see food as more that calories, and help you set up a VERY VERY doable lifestyle dietary change.  You eat REAL food, you don't have to weigh in or buy special snacks or heat and eat foods...it is real food that is healthy and your body needs!!

Disclaimer: This book was sent by SheSpeaks for me to read, trial, review at no cost to me. The above opinions are my own and are only influenced on my personal experience and are written honestly.

Additional Resources

Website: http://www.fastmetabolismdiet.com/ 
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hayliepomroy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hayliepomroy
Program Hashtag: #FastMetabolismDiet

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